YouTube Top 10 - July 9, 2007

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July 9, 2007
1. OUCH!! Pole Vaulter Gets Weiner Caught on the Way Down
From: upoloiutou
Views: 161.022
Description: The slow motion replay is hilarious. This pole vaulter has a perfet vault except on his way down the pole falls toward him and catches him right underneath his weiner. It's one of those things you just can't prepare for in practice.

2. Gears of War PC (E3 Montage)
From: Quellex
Views: 118.078
Description: Gears of War PC (E3 Montage)E3 2007

3. Chris Rock Swears At Wembley Live Earth
From: BurtRenyolds
Views: 93.683
Description: Chris Rock swears at Live Earth, bbc cut to the studio!

4. Dax is with me now
From: Daxflame
Views: 93.310

From: JohnCor27
Views: 83.631
Description: These green laser pens are awesome. They have a visible beam that can shine over 12miles and are 50x brighter than a red laser pen. They burn through plastic and even pop balloons!! They even light matches WOW. I found them at-

6. JK Rowling Interview - Part 1
From: mnvideos
Views: 68.863

7. BALLIN!! In Bed With Chingy - UNCENSORED (TV-MA)
From: nogoodtv
Views: 67.219
Description: Taint nuthin' but a Chingy thang! An EXCLUSIVE and UNCENSORED lay down with multi-platinum hip hop superstar and baller CHINGY!!It's another hot episode of NO GOOD TV's IN BED WITH. Join host CARRIE KEAGAN as she slides into bed with one of the hottest rappers in the biz!!Watch more hilarious and UNCENSORED episodes on IN BED WITH at NO GOOD TV Chingy (born Howard Bailey, Jr. on March 9, 1980, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA)is an African-American hip-hop music artist.Chingy is known for heightening his voice in all of his songs, however, in interviews and appearances, he uses a regular unstressed voice. His hits date back to 2003 and include: "Right Thurr," "Holidae In," "One Call Away" featuring J-Weav, "Balla Baby" and more recently, "Pullin' Me Back" featuring Tyrese, and "Dem Jeans" featuring Jermaine Dupri." He has also taken part in the "Get Low (Remix)" music video. Chingy goes by the logo "G.I.B.", which stands for Get it Boyz. He was on the road from August 06-January 07 and is now in his hometown St. Louis helping his younger cousin Young Spiffy create his debut album, Troublemaka. Spiffy will be the first off his label Slot-A-Lot.Chingy has recently ceased his dispute with Disturbing tha Peace and has officially signed back to them.St. Louis based Fo-Reel Entertainment home of artists such as Nelly claim to have discovered the talented Chingy, and he was often seen during his early days with their entourage. However as time passed Chingy began to distance himself, during which time a feud emerged between Nelly and Chingy. Shortly after, he emerged once again as a member of Ludacris' southern hip hop record label DTP. His relationship with DTP was hugely successful and lead to a successful debut consisting of the lead single "Right Thurr", "Holidae In", and "One Call Away". But later in 2005, Chingy had a monetary dispute with DTP, causing him to leave the label. He released Powerballin' the same year, yielding the singles "Balla Baby" and "Don't Worry". His debut single only made success into the Billboard top 20. In 2006, he squashed his beef with Nelly and appeared in Ali & Gipp's new video "Go Head". He stated in Rap City that he has no beef with Ludacris. He released his third album Hoodstar, releasing "Pullin' Me Back", "Dem Jeans", and "Nike Aurr's and Crispy Tee's". Around March 2007, Chingy started appearing in advertisements for Party with a, with whom he has signed a contract to have a one hour meet and greet with the contest winner, along with other former celebrities and reality stars Ant (comedian), Cindy Margolis, Traci Bingham, Steve-O, and Vanilla Ice. Album info Jackpot Release date: 15 July 2003 RIAA certification: 2x Platinum Singles: "Right Thurr", "Holidae In", "One Call Away" Powerballin' Release date: 16 November 2004 RIAA certification: Platinum Singles: "Balla Baby", "Don't Worry" Hoodstar Release date: 19 September 2006 RIAA certification: Gold Singles: "Pullin' Me Back", "Dem Jeans" Love It or Hate It Release date: Late 2007/Early 2008

8. Troy & Gabriella - You Are The Music In Me (MQ)
From: verbalrain
Views: 65.878
Description: Na na na na.

9. Arılar
From: nodabas
Views: 46.832
Description: Arılar

10. WORLD PREMIERE: You Are The Music In Me OFFICIAL Music Video
From: crazyutubefreak2
Views: 42.564
Description: Want more? Subscribe now!LYRICS, MP3 Below:Official Music Video. "You Are The Music In Me" from the High School Musical 2 Soundtrack. Performed by Olesya Rulin, Zac Efron, and Vanessa Hudgens.Download MP3: Lyrics:Na na na naNa na na na yeahYou are the music in meYou know the words "Once Upon A Time"Make you listen? There's a reason.When you dream there's a chance you'll findA little laughter or a happy ever afterYour harmony to the melodyIt's echoing inside my headA single voice (Single voice)Above the noiseAnd like a common threadHmm, you're pulling meWhen I hear my favorite songI know that we belongOh, you are the music in meYeah it's living in all of usAnd it's brought us here becauseBecause you are the music in meNa na na na (Ohh)Na na na na naYeah yeah yeah (Na na na na)You are the music in meIt's like I knew you before we met (Before we met)Can't explain it (Ohh ohh)There's no name for it (No name for it)I'm saying words I never saidAnd it was easy (So easy)Because you see the real me (I see)As I amYou understandAnd that's more than I've ever knownTo hear your voice (Hear your voice)Above the noise (Ohh ohh)And no, I'm not aloneOh you're singing to me (Ohh yeah)When I hear my favorite songI know that we belong (Yeah ohh)You are the music in meIt's living in all of usAnd it's brought us here becauseYou are the music in meTogether we're gonna sing (Yeah)We got the power to sing what we feel (What we feel)Connected and realCan't keep it all inside (Ohh)Na na na na (Ohh yeah)Na na na na (Ohh yeah)Yeah yeah yeah (Na na na na)You are the music in me (In me)Na na na na (Ohh yeah)Na na na na (Ohh yeah)Na na na naYou are the music in meWhen I hear my favorite song (Favorite song)I know that we belong (We belong)You are the music in meYeah it's living in all of usIt's brought us here because (Here because)You are the music in meNa na na na (Ohh yeah)Na na na na (Ohh yeah)Na na na naYou are the music in me (Yeah)

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