YouTube Top 10 - July 7, 2007

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July 7, 2007
1. Avril Lavigne copying The Rubinoos
From: bruman79
Views: 372.145
Description: It's incredible how Avril Lavigne's single Girlfriend has the same refrain of a song of a seventies band, The Sopranos. The name of the song? Similar too, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend...for more showbiz info:

From: xEMTx
Views: 160.213
Description: Avril is being sued by the 1970's band Rubinoos. They claim her hit "Girlfriend" sounds allot like their hit "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend"...You be the judge!

3. hayden singing try
From: chailattelover
Views: 110.711
Description: Hayden Panettiere singing Try at the Capitol Fourth concert in Washington D.C. on July 4th, 2007.

4. LisaNova does George Bush!
From: LisaNova
Views: 86.266
Description: VOTE This is my final Sketchies submission.If you like the video please come back and vote on July 6th George Bush is played by Ross Wayne

From: nogoodtv
Views: 81.011
Description: It's here a RARE and UNCENSORED version of the JIM JONES classic "WE FLY HIGH" REMIX featuring TI, P Diddy, Juelz Santana and rest of the DIPSET crew.This is the uncut version anyone worth Capo Status will want to see. Another choice cut from the Koch Records CD "Hustler's P.O.M.E."For more uncensored music videos visit the DMV channel on NO GOOD TV at Capo's smash CD Hustler's P.O.M.E (Product Of My Environment) featuring the anthem "We Fly High" (Baaaaaalllllliiiiiinnn!!), "Reppin' Time" and "Pin The Tail" feat. Cam'ron & Juelz Santana, this is Jim Jones' best album to date. As Jimmy explains it "when you are coming up on the streets you got to hustle to survive or else you'll be left out in this cold world. That's all we got and that's what my music depicts. It depicts stories of everybody comin' up. Sometime it's hopeless, but you got to stay focused. We on the street corners doing the daily, and that's what we call hustlin'. Stay tuned for some powerful music. Your boy, Jones."The Diplomats are an American hip hop group who are more commonly known as Dipset. They were originally signed to Roc-A-Fella Records (2002--2004), but now record on their own label, Diplomat Records, under several different labels, including Def Jam (since 2003) (Juelz Santana), Koch (since 2004) (Hell Rell), Jim Jones, and J.R. Writer), Warner Bros. (Katt Williams), and Asylum (since 2004) (Duke Da God, Freekey Zekey, Cam'ron, Jim Jones).The Diplomats also have previously sponsored a brand of liquor, Sizzurp. Although "Sizzurp" as a term has its beginnings in a Three 6 Mafia song about codeine-based Syrup, the two drinks are actually unrelated. In 2004, the Dipset and Three 6 Mafia collaboration, "Purple Punch" (also featuring Bun B), was to appear on Diplomatic Immunity 2. "Purple Punch" did not include Project Pat or Pimp C due to the imprisonments of the two men at the time, but later when released recorded their own version titled, "Purple Punch 2." Dipset signed Dipskate, a "Dipset Skate Team" for skaters interested in the groupThe Diplomats have become the household definition of hustling, and Jimmy brings his hustle to life with Hustler's P.O.M.E. The streets-proclaimed "Dipset Capo" takes the Diplomat movement to new levels with his charismatic swagger, gritty lyrical realism, and head-nodding production. With guest appearances from The Diplomats, Lil' Wayne, Baby and many more, Hustler's P.O.M.E. is sure to bang in every hood and every block. Baaaallllllllliiinnnnn!!!Self-determined, self-reliant, self-actualized and entrepreneurial, Jim Jones is quickly proving to the world that he will be a force in Hip Hop for years to come. With fortitude, ambition and "drug dealer earned gangsta" street smarts, over the past decade Jones has risen to international Hip Hop royalty. Born Joseph Guillermo Jones in Harlem in 1976 to an African American mother and a Puerto Rican father, renaissance man Jones is an indisputable Hip Hop force from the streets, to the music video set, to the mic, all the way to the boardroom.As C.E.O. of Diplomat Records, the label he co-founded with childhood friend, famed rapper Cam'ron, Jones created a world renowned Hip Hop movement. As the catalytic tour-de-force behind the Diplomats and the Dipset Crew, Jones was the brain man who got things and people to move, catapulting the group to its respectful place on the Hip Hop landscape.The Dipset Crew creates a buzz that quenches the thirst of hungry hood riders worldwide who abide by the "No Snitching" signs. On the streets from Harlem to Compton, down to the Dirty South to across the Atlantic to London, the names, Cam'ron, Juelz Santana and the Diplomats have become synonymous with Damon Dash, Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella Records.Not only a skilled rap manager but also an award-winning music video gangsta auteur, it was Jones who helmed such MTV and BET video favorites as his own "Certified Gangsta" and "Crunk Muzik", Cam'ron's "Oh Boy", "Hey Ma" and "Get Em Girl/Killa Cam", State Property's "When You Hear That" and several videos for Juelz Santana. Following his debut performance on Diplomatic Immunity, which was quickly certified Gold, Jones was ready to show the world his individual skills on center stage. Jones released his debut solo album, On My Way To Church in August of 2004, amplifying the Diplomat movement at lightening speed. With rugged collaborations and hardcore life confessions, the albumdebuted at #18 on the Billboard Top 200 in August 2004. It sold over 200,000 copies, spawning two awesome singles in the shape of "Certified Gangsta" (feat. The Game and Cam'ron) and "Crunk Muzik" (feat. Juelz Santana, Cam'ron). Both video clips logged extensive time on MTV2 and B.E.T. Next up in 2004 came Diplomatic Immunity 2, another Diplomat Records/KOCH Records thumping release. Blending jungle beats with hustling hooks, radicalsong titles like "Wouldn't You Like To Be A Gangsta Too?"snatched the curiosity of traditional Hip Hop and pop-rap fans, focusing their interest on the Dipset Crew and what it truly means to be a gangsta rapper.Jones' solo career continued to ignite listeners hungry for his raw and authentic sound. In August of 2005, his sophomore album release, Harlem: Diary of a Summer dropped on the scene. The album debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200 chart, an affirmation of Jones' prowess as a solo artist and an unquestionable power in Hip Hop. This album saw the release of to three more hit singles for Jones, "Baby Girl," "Summer Wit Miami" (feat. Trey Songz), and "What You Been Drankin On" (feat. P. Diddy, Paul Wall, Jha' Jha), which burned up the airwaves through '05 and '06, priming this rising superstar for his highly anticipated third album, Hustler's P.O.M.E., due out November 7. The new single, "We Fly High" has already made major waves in New York Radio, and the video has been chosen as MTV Jamz' "Jam of The Week," was fetured on MTV2's Makes the Video, and is receiving spins on BET and MTV stations. With all of this hot new single's success the new album is virtually guaranteed to be Jimmy's biggest release to date.Jim also currently featured on the new Dipset More Than Music, Vol. 1 mixtape which debuted at #22 on the Billboard Top 200 in July of 2005. But like his primary influences, P. Diddy and Damon Dash, Jones has broadened his appeal beyond the airwaves. His sizzling liquor, Sizzurp, has captured global attention in the liquor industry, and is juicing up VIP party scenes from coast to coast. A new clothing line in the works is certain to ignite the runways. In addition, Jones' multifaceted musical skills led Warner Music Group to tap him for the position of Director of A&R in January 2005. He is the album Executive Producer for the new Atlantic artist Hot Wright, and is also in the process of negotiating another label deal through Asylum Records. Jones is unquestionably a mogul in the making looking, to capitalize on the glamorous gangsta lifestyle and beyond. Building upon his undisputed success and recognizing his influence on youth around the globe, Jones released in his documentary DVD film titled, The Jim Jones Project in '06, which presents a candidly told cautionary tale of a gangsta rapper in transition. It is a purposeful message intended to act as a deterrent for self-destructive behaviors of at-risk youth who have taken the bravado of gangsta rap to heart. Making his views about the gangsta entertainment world clear to young people can perhaps best be summed up when he says, "My advice for younger people is: Please don't try this shit at home." In seeking to further educate young people who look up to him as a community leader who truly understands the challenges young people face day-to-day in the inner city, Jones has dedicated himself to educating youth about politics and empowering them to use their influence to reach their highest potential. He is a committed community activist and youth advocacy leader having recently sponsored a basketball tournament for the housing development where he grew up in an effort to help keep youth off the street. Additionally, through his active participation in the Andre Neal Foundation, the Southeast Queens Action Network for Public Schools, and the Russell Simmons Hip Hop Summit, Jones stays focused on building stronger communities through youth. Faithfully, he visits high schools to speak to juniors and seniors about life and the music business and "how staying focused with a plan is the only way to truly be successful."Jones has gotten into conflicts with several rappers from other New York neighborhoods, including Mase and Loon from Harlem, Jay-Z from Brooklyn, Nas from Queensbridge, and Tru-Life from the lower East side.According to an interview with Tru-Life in the June/July 2006 issue of Complex Magazine, rumors had spread that Tru-Life was referring to Jim Jones in his diss song "New New York". Jim Jones reportedly began calling several rappers and telling them that he had a DVD of Tru-Life dissing them. Tru-Life responded by calling Dipset co-founder Cam'ron "a bitch."Jones responded by challenging Tru-Life to a brawl with US$50,000 at stake. Months later, Jones told an interviewer that Tru-Life did not respond to the challenge, doesn't count in the rap industry, and lacked the money and heart to accept Jones' challenge.The beef continued into 2007, when Tru-Life released his DJ J-Love hosted mixtape entitled Tru York with Dipset diss tracks and whose cover superimposes an image of Jim Jones' face over a swimsuit-clad Borat picture.Jones' beef with Tru-Life may have stemmed from a dispute between Cam'ron and Jay-Z, as Tru-Life was signed to Jay-Z's Roc-La-Familia label at the time.(Now sigined to Roc-A-Fella Records) Jim Jones has also dissed Jay-Z's performance as president of Def Jam Recordings.Jay-Z has since responded with a diss track called "Brooklyn High" over the beat from Jones's "We Fly High". On December 1st, 2006, BET's Access Granted debuted the video for Jones's "We Fly High" remix, with Diddy, Baby, T.I., Young Dro, and added Juelz Santana's verse from his response on the "We Fly High Beef Mix".If you finished reading this entire description, feel free to pat yourself on the back in recognition of a job well done!! All of us here at NO GOOD TV are very proud of you. We're somewhat concerned about your judgment but, nonetheless, we're very proud.

6. iPhone/Mac Parody Ad nuTsie Episode 5, "Infidelity"
From: gonutsie
Views: 75.087

7. Kibe Loco - Prêmio Multishow (Dinho)
From: antoniotabet
Views: 67.998
Description: Dinho Ouro Preto, que estava "enchendo a lata" no Prêmio Multishow de Música Brasileira (2007), entrega o troféu da categoria "Melhor Cantora" mas esquece de apresentar as concorrentes.

8. TNA: The Lockdown 2007 DVD Is On Sale
From: TNAwrestling
Views: 63.325
Description: Catch TNA's "Victory Road" live on Pay-Per-View on July 15

From: qkrgmlwjd
Views: 60.044
Description: You may have been oblivious to this.Do you really think that the songs that you enjoyed listening to were really composed in your country?

10. Keith Olbermann Special Comment, Bush and Cheney...Resign
From: Jojo35
Views: 53.831
Description: Keith Olberman comments on Bush commuting Scotter Libby's sentence.

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