Why is water used in hot water bags? plus 9 more videos.. #aumsum #kids #science

28 Jul 2020

Specific Heat of Water - Why is water used in hot water bags?
Turgor Pressure - Why does a Touch Me Not plant close?
Heat - Why is a laboratory thermometer not used to check body temperature?
Metals and Acids - Why is curd not stored in copper containers?
Heat transfer - Why are cloudy nights warmer than clear nights?
Respiration - Why is it not good to sleep under a tree at night?
Heat transfer - Why do we use a black umbrella in summer?
Light & Sound - Why do we see lightning before thunder?
Photosynthesis - Why is the upper surface of a leaf more green and shiny than the lower surface?
Acid Base Indicators - Why does a turmeric stain turn red?

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