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16 Oct 2020

From leaving The Republic of Ireland, we move up to Northern Ireland (which is a comepletely different country if you didn't know). We headed to a cold and rainy Belfast but the skies didn't stay like that for too long. By the next day, it was cleared up for our next adventure.

"What was adventure was that?" you may ask. We went on a Game of Thrones Tour! Pretty sick, right? Now, I know I'm fairly new to the show and, yes, I know that I'm incredibly behind but not having a lot of knowledge on the subject did not take away from the experience for me.

It's hard to pick my favorite spots but they would probably have to be Carrick-a-Rede and Giant's Causeway. Everyone who knows me knows that I am not the most physically fit in any capacity, so if I'm sitting here and telling you that my favorite spots are places that I had to hike (AKA take LONG winded walks) to, you know I mean some serious business.

In other serious business, anyone else who knows me will also tell you of my fear of falling, right? At Carrick-a-Rede I had the "pleasure" of crossing a rope bridge strung up 30 meters above sea level. For us uneducated American folk, that puts me a couple feet shy from 100 feet in the air. If I was willing to cross what could have led me to plummet to my death, you bet I loved that place.

By legend, these costal rock formations were carved out by a giant named "Finn McCool". (I didn't even make that up. Don't believe me? Google it!) In reality though, it was made by volcanic and geological activity. May not be as cool as Finn McCool but I think it's pretty close.

As always, if there are any questions about my adventures abroad or just travelling in general, feel free to ask away and I will be happy to get back to you.

Until the next time,
Love always,

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own the "The Parting Glass" sung by the wonderfully talented Ed Sheeran. The music in this video was not used for the purpose of gaining profit monetarily or otherwise.

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