Tor, Printer Cartridges, Railguns and Salmon with Lasers on their Forehead

15 Feb 2021

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01:34 Wikileaks Follow-up
04:47 Senate FCC Broadband, See our VPN video on Level1 Linux channel

08:28 'Sorry, I've forgotten my decryption password' is contempt of court, pal – US appeal judges • The Register
12:57 Supreme Court Printer Cartridge Case Could Be the Citizens United of Products
16:15 Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware - Motherboard
19:40 Hundreds of Cisco switches vulnerable to flaw found in WikiLeaks files | ZDNet
21:39 Cisco Switches Vulnerable to Stuff!
22:04 AT&T and Johnson & Johnson Pull Ads From YouTube - The New York Times
24:48 “Dig once” bill could bring fiber Internet to much of the US | Ars Technica
28:24 Self-driving Uber gets in accident in Tempe, Arizona - Business Insider
30:00 Treasury secretary ‘not at all’ worried about robots taking jobs - The Verge
32:40 Microsoft Lifts "Spying" Components in Windows 10 for Chinese Government Version | techPowerUp
35:59 Hackers: We Will Remotely Wipe iPhones Unless Apple Pays Ransom - Motherboard
38:42 Tiny eye movements reveal if suspect is lying about recognition
39:26 Studios Flirt With Offering $30 Movies in Home | Variety
42:45 Japanese company develops a solar cell with record-breaking 26%+ efficiency | Ars Technica
42:50 Tata Power Solar Doubles Its Panel Production Capacity To 400 Megawatts | CleanTechnica
44:10 Twitter explores subscription-based option for first time | Reuters
46:55 Visual Studio Blinking Cursor
47:44 Microsoft loves Linux so much, its OneDrive web app runs like a dog on Windows OS rivals • The Register
50:30 Fedex will give you $5 off an order over $30
51:20 Indiana's inmates could soon have access to tablets - ABC57 News - See the Difference Michiana
53:20 Laser-firing underwater drones protect Norway's salmon supply by incinerating lice | Fox News

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