Top 10 Worst Pokemon in Sword and Shield

02 Dec 2019

Pokemon Sword and Shield I can say are some of the most enjoyable Pokemon games I have ever played. The cast of Pokemon in these games is actually very good to me. If I can be honest, I like the majority of these Pokemon more like literally all of them besides 10. Even with the 10 I don’t like, these Pokemon aren’t even the worst Pokemon I have ever seen. There are much worse Pokemon like this stupid looking. The majority of the Pokemon in the dex have great designs and concepts behind them heck even the fossils are cleverly made despite how much Arceus hated them. But yeah I think you guys know where I am coming from where I am talking about the not so great Pokemon in these games. If you haven't read the title already or have not guessed it, I am going to be talking about the top 10 worst Pokemon in sword and shield. In the past where I have made worst pokemon lists, it got brutal for some Pokemon. I can say that what I will say won’t be nice about some of these Pokemon because obviously it's a worst Pokemon list, but you won’t see the amount of brutality like how I do with Electrode or Torterra. Which by the way for all you Torterra fans out there that know I am not a huge fan of Torterra, I like Torterra more than some Pokemon on this list. It’s not the worst Pokemon in the world. Anyways enough about Torterra, let’s just get into what I think are the top 10 worst Pokemon in sword and shield.

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