Top 10 Scary Things You Should NEVER Google

28 Jul 2020

Top 10 Scary Things You Should NEVER Google

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Most of us use Google to navigate through everyday life. Whenever an important
question pops in our head like what happens when you put various objects in the
microwave, we turn to our beloved, all-knowing friend, Google. But there are some
things lingering in the corners of the internet we should never, ever search for. There
are some things so disturbing, and so difficult to erase from memory once you’ve seen
them. sometimes google can work against you too. Let's look at a list of top 10 things
you should never google.
Number 10.) lemon party
A lemon party sure sounds like a fun thing to do, especially if you like to eat delicious
lemons. Sadly, this is not a party themed around the refreshing citrus fruit we all know
and love. But it will leave you unable to even look at an elderly man ever again. A
website called "" features a video clip of 3 elderly gentlemen in a bed
together kissing and then engaging in oral sexual activities. Because of its harmless-
sounding name, which is also shared by a Canadian political party, Lemonparty is one
of the most popular gross-out memes online. This is one of the few items on this list to
receive any kind of real mainstream attention. It even scored a subtle mention on an
episode of "30 Rock"
Number 9.) Brian Peppers
Brian Peppers is a registered sex offender from Ohio suffering from some kind of grim
deformity. A photo of Peppers was taken in 1998 for Ohio's Electronic Sex Offender

Registration and Notification system, after Peppers was convicted of "Gross Sexual
Imposition." In 2005, this photo of Peppers made the internet rounds and became
something of a meme, although at first many doubted the veracity of the image. It has
since been confirmed that it is, in fact, real. It has been speculated that Peppers
peculiar appearance may be due to Apert Syndrome, a congenital disorder marked by
malformations of the skull, or Crouzon Syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes
malformations of the face and skull in embryos. If you're really curious but don't want to
get creeped out, just imagine a guy with a super bloated face covered in gray paint.
Number 8.) Medical symptoms
Let's talk about health problems. There are many websites that specialize in such
content, and, of course, most of them are not managed by medical professionals. Using
the search engine to decipher why your stomach hurts, why you feel tired or why you’re
itchy is going to instill more fear than simply going to see a doctor. Looking up the
meaning of your symptoms on the internet will definitely not help you. Quite the reverse,
it will make you feel worse and panicked. It is highly advisable not to skip the doctor and
rely on Google search information to know about a disease while you are sick. Also, it is
dangerous to buy medicines based on the information you find on Google. If you have
any kind of health issues, don't ask "Doctor Google." Schedule a visit to a real doctor
instead. Cancer comes in this category too. Due to the fact that cancer Is so common
and famous, people search about it on google a lot. But This is a case in which the less
you know the better you sleep. There are many kinds of these and can be similar to
other harmless conditions that just might not be cancer, which will mistakenly make you
believe you have symptoms of cancer.

Number 7.) Blue Waffle
This is NOT a recipe for a nice Sunday brunch. It is, however, a recipe for making any
gynaecologist wonder why they didn’t listen to their parents and become a lawyer
instead. This is one of those cases where, if you search with Google's "Safe Search"
mode enabled, you will simply get some pictures of blueberry waffles and a few weird
PhotoShopped images of actual blue waffles. But turn "Safe Search" off and grab hold
of something, because you're about to get a lesson in severe vaginal infections. In
March of 2010, a photo of what appears to be a woman's severely infected vagina
appeared on the Internet. Though it could potentially be an advanced, particularly
gruesome form of vaginitis, there has been significant speculation that the image is a
fraud and part of an Internet hoax. No actual women have come forward to "claim" the
photo, and it has yet to appear in any sort of reputable medical or scientific journal.
Regardless of whether the image is real or not, it's still super gross and you definitely
shouldn't look it

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