SANTA SCARE CAM SURPRISE! Skylanders Trap Team Wave 3: Tuff Luck, Trail Blazer, KaBoom + Unboxing

20 Sep 2019

Santa is back and scares the kids when he breaks into the house! ;) He comes with gifts though, Skylanders Trap Team Wave 3! The scare went perfect and we know you'll enjoy watching it again and again! After Santa drops off his goods, the kids open up all the Skylanders Trap Team from Wave 3 and we show you stats, close-ups and have a bunch of fun! Stay tuned for the "US vs. BROCK Gameplays".

Full List of Wave 3 Skylanders that we got in this video:
- Tuff Luck
- Blastermind
- Ka-Boom
- Trail Blazer
- Cobra Cadbra
- Weeruptor in the Fire Minis Double Pack with Small Fry
Still waiting on Bat Spin!

Giveaway for Chopper & Small Fry ends Jan 2nd due to the upcoming holiday. There are only two winners (1 each), to enter:
- Let us know which one you want. :)
- The winner will be selected within 1 week of Jan 2nd and announced via:
(1) the comments section of this video
(2) on our Facebook page
- You can comment as many times as you'd like, there is only 1 winner and only youtube comments qualify.

Please thumbs up the video if you enjoyed this Christmas Holiday Scare Cam!

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE AND THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATES IN OUR GIVEAWAYS. Remember, have fun when entering and if you win, GREAT, if not, at least you still had fun. :)

NOTE: Thanks for all your instagram help, we have hundreds of people hashtagging about it and almost 10 thousand comments on youtube. YOU GUYS ROCK!

Us vs. Brock
►Weeruptor & Tuff Luck Gameplay:
►KaBoom & Cobra Cadabra Gameplay:
►Blaster Mind & Trail Blazer Gameplay:
►All Magic Gates Opened w/ Blastermind:

► Lightcore Chase Interviewed about Skylanders Trap Team:
►Instagram Bullies the Sky Kids:
►Cyclops Hoeshown Skaletones Family Showdown Part 2:'


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