roblox: private Court

03 Jun 2021

- Single Player -
Have your own private court to play by yourself.

- Multi Player -
Have a private court with the ( up to 10 ) people you choose. When half of the people leave, everyone is removed from the private court.

- No Steal -
When clicked, the ball becomes a darker color, and only you can use that ball. No one can steal it from you, or pick the ball up.

- Ball Return - While on No Steal mode, if someone picks up the ball, or the ball starts moving slow, the ball returns to you. This makes practicing easier.

- Lag Remove - Once 2/3 of the players say "removelag", all decals and textures are removed. Must be atleast 3 players for this.

Basketballs and Basketball Courts made by Jokes4LIFEx. Everything else is built and scripted by me. Basketball was edited a little by me, I added the No Steal button and changed a few very small things for it to work better for this game.

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