ROBLOX Clashblox: How To Play Tutorial Part 1 (Read The Description)

14 Nov 2019

Guys I Cant Make The 2nd Part Of The Video Cause Im Having Trouble With Some Things
FIRST - GAMEPASSES MAY NOT WORK, I have heard of instances of them not working, if you buy them, you will get special benefits in the new game either way.

ClashBLOX: Battle Cards is being remade! The new game is called ClashBLOX: Aura Masters. Any user who bought a gamepass/played the game will get benefits in the new remade version! More details soon!
Nominated for "Most Innovative Gameplay" during BLOXCon 2013!
ClashBLOX is a Trading Card game built around ROBLOX and the lore. You can battle other players to gain EXP and rank up, become a District Leader and decide how you tax players in that district, run a shop and sell card packs to other players, customize your decks to discover new strategies, unlock more abilities with points you earn by ranking up. There is so much to do, you choose how to play.

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