Roblox- Annoying Orange

07 Jun 2021

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Welcome To Grow & Raise an Annoying Orange!
(Please If You Dont At Least Have 3,000 Place Visits Dont Send Me A Friend Request!)
__________________________________________ Commands: "reset/" Resets Your Character. "totalreset/" Resets Your Annoying Orange to Level 1 with 20 XP. "resetorange/" Reset's Your Annoying Orange. "recolor/Number/Number/Number" Changes The Color Of Your Annoying Orange. __________________________________________Save/Load Feature: When your done playing this game, But you wanna save just say "save/" and You'll save your Game/XP/Level. When you come back after you saved, Say "load/YOURCODE" and You'll have the Level + XP The Same as your last save.Or Just Click The Gui At The Top __________________________________________Say "invite/PLAYERNAME" And If that person joins your Server, You'll get a Free XP. And The Person that you invite

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