RESIDENT EVIL 6 (PS4) - Leon Chapter 1 - Let's Play with Uzi and Meo

01 Nov 2019

Resident Evil 6 Remaster on the PS4, Leon Chapter 1. The FIRST Let's Play with Uzi and Meo.
Join Uzi and Meo in Resident Evil 6 - Remastered on PS4, split screen coop! Resident Evil 6 is action packed while Leon Chapter has element of classic survival horror.

Gameplay in Full HD, 1080p/60fps!

This is our RECAP/Compilation Video of all 3 parts belonging to Chapter 1. All Action/Jokes while progressing in the Game... no fillers and cut scenes!!!

We experienced some "technical difficulties" but made it till the end. The AUDIO MIX of the video is bad in Leon Chapter 1 but this will be improved in Chapter 2 and all other videos

In anticipation of Resident Evil 7, Uzi and Meo will play Leon's campaign from beginning to end, we chose this campaign since it has the best "Survival Horror" feel just like RE7.

Please drop a comment/like and let us know what you think about our Gameplay episodes... No acting.. No Bollywood.. Just real gameplay.

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