Randomthang's ROBLOX video

02 Aug 2020

Contest: Make a Video of you and your friends having a herd or a pack, the more people that joined your herd/pack the merrier.

How to join:

1. upload the video to utube (If you dont have a utube acc, make one with the assist. of a grownup :P).

2. name the video "a dinosaurs life contest entry: [Vids title(ex. Apotosaurus Herd)] "

3. send the link to rubzter300 on utube.

4. only 3 entry are allowed

5. your done.

If you really want to comment on the game join this group.
[Group:] http://www.roblox.com/Groups/group.aspx?gid=438846

Visit this place at http://www.roblox.com/A-Dinosa....urs-Life-BETA-4-New-

For more games visit http://www.roblox.com

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