[QUICKIE!] #41

21 Jul 2021

Lumps says: Let's play an indie escape room game! We start off in an undescribed jail of some sort, not sure how we got there, but it doesn't matter! We gotta escape! And do something with a "coincidence"? I don't really understand that part, actually. Maybe you can help explain that for me? This is another game from Ludum Dare 37--which apparently was a really good round because I've enjoyed a number of games from 37 now. Cheers, everyone!

Itch.io says: "Will you ever get out of this prison cell? Well... you can certainly try.
I mainly focused on creating a good visual feeling. Game usually tells you exactly what you need to do so it`s more of a short story than an adventure game.
Don`t forget to explore the cell and see what your character has to say about different things during different days.
Thanks for stopping by! :)"

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