Pound House 6 - BBQ

31 May 2020

Season 1, Episode 6: DJ Douggpound presents Pound House 6, "BBQ".

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Written and Directed by Doug Lussenhop
Written and Co-Directed by Brent Weinbach
Producer: Mia Di Pasquale
Camera: Trevor Ames & Tim Nackashi
Sound Recordist: Andrew Duncan
Theme Music: Jim Furmston
Editor: Doug Lussenhop
Assistant Editor: Jake Weiss
Doug: Doug Lussenhop
Brent: Brent Weinbach
Natasha: Natasha Leggero
Johnny: Johnny Pemberton
Annoying Guest: Brendon Walsh
BBQ Guest: Chris Cronin
BBQ Guest: Omar Deckard
BBQ Guest: Shelby Fero
BBQ Guest: Christopher Johnson
BBQ Guest: Clay Tatum
BBQ Guest: Whitmer Thomas

Slurpee Good Remix: DJ Douggpound
Intro Theme Remix: Max Tundra

More info
maxtundra.com & @maxtundra

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Pound House 6 - BBQ
Pound House 6 - BBQ

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