Part 2 -Horror In Holiday Special

19 Nov 2020

ROBLOX wanted to see a horror game unlike any other. So, we put a lot of effort into this, and created a horror experience with a heavily-based storyline. Currently the game is "singleplayer", meaning that there's 1 player per server, but we might change that in the future. Singleplayer is what we went with, because it fits our story and gameplay mechanics better. Be persistent and pay attention to the details!

There might be bugs here and there, because we did focus on the main parts of the game to make sure they worked exactly like we wanted them to, in order to submit it to GCC, so if you do find glitches or bugs- please PM either me or Pav9495 and we'll get to them as soon as we can!

- Left Ctrl - Sprint
- X - Open In-game Shop

- Pav9495 - Game Engine and Mechanics
- elfacool - Modeling and Scripting

Completed: September 27th 2014

Expect more updates in the future and we hope you enjoy! ^^

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