Olea54$ GET rekt 1*

22 Jan 2021

__--This game is about pure skillz. You gotta click MLG and buy stuff w/ mt. dew to win. Now featuring:
Barack Obama, Shrek, Michael Bay, Illuminati and much much more. --__

UPDATES: More MLG references, more clicker updates, more clicks upgrades, rotating button, more music, anti-negative leaderboard (plrs can't go negative), fixing "Remove Ads"
This is the best game of 2015 - fakeign
Amazing - dogeimpersonator
........ - Squidwurd
I want to marry this game. - #shrekd

*NOTE* Not responsible if the epic center (not epicenter) of your brain explodes while playing this game.

*NOTE* illuminati was here.

*NOTE* deal w/ it 3 notes = 3x3 = 9 9 upside down = 6 6 = illuminati

Visit this place at http://www.roblox.com/MLG-Clic....ker-2015-Major-Updat

For more games visit http://www.roblox.com

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