Minecraft Hot Sauce & Whipped Cream Challenge + Lava Island Golems (FGTEEV PS4 Part 2 Gameplay)

08 Dec 2019

We are just having a little fun today with Chase & FGTEEV Duddy, this isn't one of our normal challenges the rules are a bit funny and relaxed. Basically whoever finds Lava has to eat Hot Sauce & whoever finds Water has to eat Ready Whip Whipped Cream. If this were with Mom & Dad or Lex & Mike we probably would have played it like whoever finds Lava, the other players have to eat hot sauce but Duddy didn't want to make Chase suffer by forcing him to eat hot sauce, I also didn't know how he would react to eating hot sauce straight up but anyways, hope you enjoy the fun! Thumbs up PLEASE! :) (Note: don't forget Chase made up the rules too, seriously!)

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