M.A.M.E. - Zoo Keeper [Set - Zoo Keeper E - 220,530

13 Oct 2021

Playername = Ripper
--Highest score on "maximum difficulty" to test your zoo keeping abilities against the toughest set of animals on the planet!
--aka: Maximum Difficulty Challenge / Extreme Settings / 99-99 / ZEKE-99

--Any official romset is acceptable (since future MAME updates may alter naming conventions, etc).

Dip Switches:
--Initial Number of Keepers: 3
--High Score Enable: 1
--Novice Animal Speed: 99 (Default is 39)
--Expert Animal Speed: 99 (Default is 30)
--No Hit Mode: 0
--Free Game Rate: 0

Tips to Adjust Settings Menu:
--Service Mode is activated using F1.
--Use F2 to scroll down the settings list.
--Use F5/F6 to adjust animal speed.
--Hit F1 until returned to the active game.

Info for Adjudication:
--Extra lives are earned at the successful completion of the escalator stage.
--"Point pressing" in the coconut stage is considered illegal (maximum 3 landings on top platform per stage attempt).

Historical Background:
Zoo Keeper (ZK) was released in 1982, and applauded for its deceptively cute charm while providing a mind-numbing challenge at the controls. Three decades later the game is still full steam ahead providing that quaint arcade charisma. ZK has traditionally been played on "default settings" which allows the player to perfect strategies and techniques for amassing huge points when jumping groups of animals- up to 30 million points! By ramping up the difficulty to "maximum," the player is forced to re-invent their long-standing strategies. Think you are good at the 30 year old competitive settings? Try stepping into the "Extreme" cage and show us what you've got!

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