Lil B -

15 Sep 2021

You look so beautiful tonight,
Welcome, to Basedworld,
Thank you Basedgod, for everything you've done for me,
Women are so beautiful,
Life is so beautiful,
Pretty boy millionaires,
Your body looks so nice tonight,
I feel,
My life is changing,
The way it needs to be,
To be with a woman understanding me,
Frankly my time has been tied up with prior engagements,
That's promoting me to live, in a free state of mind,
Even feel i fell back on my taxes,
Show how much of a real rebel I am.

Nothing to brag, kinda foolish
Showing you my manhood is far from stupid
Maybe my business needs some schooling
But in love I got a bachelor's,
bachelor pad, bachelor party,
something you remember,
nothing less than the factor,
A part of S.A.G. so I'm an actor,
play many different roles in life,
I seem to capture when I take a picture,
your beauty worth a thousand Picassos,
and I hope my compliments tops those,
my eyes are closed but my heart is open,
wish for the day to be swept away,
I'll be the knight in shining armor her love's ok,
I see the stage playwright with Shakespeare,
I show how my heart make the earthquake clear,

Long nights, I try to find, someone I seem to like,
That's my life, everyone say I'm good, but I'm not, I seem to find love in,
the strangest spots...

It's so crazy,
All my days I've been searching for you,
Everyone say I'm good when I'm not,
I try to find love in...the strangest spots,

Even when my cinderblock heart stops,
When you light your spirit,
Kryptonite to my life,
Often fight myself, my emotions take over,
why can't I love, how am I suppose to,
scared of getting hurt by the woman, couldn't take her loving,
pardon her going through my brain,
And see you talk to another man the same,
am I to blame,
am I the only one that feels this way,
I gave my heart she understood me in a couple days,
so it's love is it time is it instantly,
could it be the one you want, is it made to be?
if so how long do I gotta wait,
because I like to test drive four out of five cars,
you won't get just the one you drive,

long nights, try to find,
someone, I seem to like,
taht's my life,
everyone say I'm good,
but I'm not,
I seem to find love in,
the strangest spots

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