Lamelo Ball FUNNY BENCH PRESS Workout:: Ball Brothers Funny Moments 2017!

17 Sep 2019

Lamelo Ball FUNNY BENCH PRESS Workout. Ball Brothers Funny Moments 2017. Lonzo Ball And Lamelo Ball Funny Moments 2017. Ball Brothers Funny Moments.

The Homemade Training That Propelled LaMelo Ball , Lonzo Ball and liangelo ball to Basketball Stardom. By the time Lamelo Ball was 12, he was bench pressing and sprinting up hills a mile long. And when Lamelo Ball finally reached Chino Hills High School as the basketball team's starting point guard, he unleashed almighty hell upon his opponents.
"I started introducing my boys to working out when they were 4 or 5 years old, doing Pull-Ups, bench press, Dips and hanging on the bars for fun," LaVar said. "They was into it because they would see who could do one, and then the other one would try and do two, and as they got older, they'd say 'Dad, let me go in there, I can do them by myself.' It was like a competition thing for all of them. When you're a young kid hanging out with your pops, it's a game. It's not, 'Oh we have to go work out again?" Said Lavar ball, who is Lamelo Ball's dad. By the time Lamelo Ball was 12, LaVar began adding bench press to LaMelo Ball , Lonzo Ball and liangelo ball workouts. LiAngelo Ball and LaMelo Ball still workout with their pops every day, and Lonzo Ball comes home to join them whenever he has a break at UCLA.

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