killror's ROBLOX video

19 Sep 2021

If you record an awesome shot with a bow and upload it to youtube, send me the link and you could win a prize!

"How do I get in the Castrum (Fort)?" - There are little towers on each wall, go to these with a friend, and jump on them, you can get on the walls and open the door for anyone else who wants to get in!

L - Leaderboard
G - Inventory
Q - Shield Forward
R - Shield Up
F - Shield Down
T - Taunt with Sword

Game Passes: Click "Redeem Pases" in the top left to redeem specified items.

Crafting: Go to a crafting bench located most commonly in the small huts, press the arrow to forge an item and it will appear on the bench, not your inventory!

Corrupted Data or Other Issue? - Press "Purge Data" and you will start as the default character with an axe and a pickaxe.

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