Inside The HEAT:

08 May 2020

Produced by Shanon Irish, Katie Carballo, Maggie DeBarberie, and Terek Pierce.

"Inside the HEAT: 28.2" is a very special edition that will take an in depth look in the final 28.2 seconds in one of the most incredible games in HEAT history, game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals. Hosted by Eric Reid, we will take a look back at the moments that shaped the greatest comeback from the most special and resilient HEAT team in franchise history as their season was on the brink and nearly over. From the incredible 4th quarter comeback lead by LeBron James to being down by 5 points with 28.2 seconds left to play, the band of brothers never gave up hope. Even when the yellow ropes came out on the court signifying that a champion would be crowned, they knew that is wasn't over just yet. Thanks to Ray Allen's famous shot that will be remembered as the most important shot in HEAT history, the Miami HEAT saved their season and eventually became back to back champions. We take you through those special moments and more on "Inside the HEAT: 28.2".

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