How to order, eat and pay for sushi in Japan (at a conveyer belt sushi restaurant)

20 Aug 2019

*** Many people have asked where this restaurant is. The name of the restaurant is Sushiro (in Japanese it's "スシロー"). This particular one was in Osaka near Sekime-Takadono Station (you can find it on Google Maps by searching for "スシロー 関目店"), but you don't need to go there because they are all over Japan. Search Google Maps for スシロー and you will see all the restaurants for this chain. Or just search for "sushi" in English and you'll find all chains and smaller restaurants too.

If you ever come to Japan for a visit, be sure to check out a conveyer belt sushi restaurant! Watching food roll by your table and grabbing what you want as it goes by is one of those ideas that seems wacky but is actually awesome.

However, it might be a little tricky if you don't read or understand Japanese. There is very little English in this restaurant so here is a video that explains everything, from getting a table to paying the bill.

Watch and enjoy!


This lesson is all in slow and easy English to make it easy for you to follow and understand.

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