hell storm

20 Jun 2020

This is my first working Build to survive so i will add more disasters as i find them.
The point is to make it harder. Please Pm me if you know how to make a shop for my game cause thats the only thing i cant do. the disasters are:"Telamon Pikimin", "Telamon Pikimen", "Tank!", "Smoker!","Partical slime", "Giant Zombie", "Mini-Noob Army", "Mutant", "jailbot","Attack of the Annoying oranges", "Spongbob", "Jason","Moon Falling","Meteor", "UFO","Tactical Nuke!!!","Justin Bieber", "Lava", "Super Chomper", "Epic duck", "Flood", "Skarks"

Visit this place at http://www.roblox.com/Build-to....-survive-23-disaster

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