Guinness World Record 2019

02 Nov 2019

The Guinness World Records, a global authority on record-breaking
achievements, revealed some record-holding stars listed in the new book
"Guinness World Records 2019," which hit shelves Sept. 5, 2018. We take
a peek at some amazing records.
Top speed in a jet-propelled go-kart
Longest reverse vault (parkour)
Fastest to walk 10 meters on a slack line en pointe
Most consecutive one-handed back handsprings
Longest time performing six hula hoop box split
Most dice stacked on a cat's paw
Fastest woman on a space hopper (100 meters)
Most fire-breathing back flips in 60 seconds
Most skips (dog and human) with a single rope
Most hula hoops spun simultaneously on multiple body
Most torches juggled on a balance board
Highest standing jump
Oldest performing trapeze artist (female)
Most powdered doughnuts eaten in three minutes
Largest toy wagon
Oldest professional club DJ
Most body modifications
Hand skating record (50 meters)
Longest time controlling a football (with your soles) while
Most sausages produced in a minute
Longest time balancing a guitar on the forehead
Largest knitting needles
Largest rideable hexapod robot
Most double-dutch style skips by a dog in 60 seconds
Highest jump by a dog
Largest collection of interlocking plastic brick sets
(private collection)
Largest collection of clown-related items

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