Gacha life/None of my business/ "Say my name" part 2

14 Oct 2019

this is was a song request by Misty Kristie, she said she saw what happened in my other music video, "Say my name" and decided to follow along with it, she requested i continue it with this, that she went with sonic. I do not own,
Kristie -owner- Misty Kristie
Cherry~red hair~ -owner- The outsiders
Pony ~cheater~ -owner- The outsiders
sonic -owner- Sega
Darren~black hair~-owner- Darren Shan
Larten ~orange hair~-owner- Darren Shan

OC used:
-not inclue the ones above-
Purple hair~(me) Devil*Dev*
Black hair with horns~Nick~
Purple and yellow hair~Rastle~

Commet bellow i will hope to bring more videos soon!

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