09 Jan 2020


*Step-by-step Instructions at the bottom*

*If you tried COMPLETELY uninstalling the game and installing from scratch, but you still get the same error, then this fix PROBABLY won`t help either.*

How/why it works? :
Fortnite crashed every time I tried to play, giving me the same error:
"Serialization Error : Action Needed
Corrupt data found, please verify your installation."

I tried to verify files 2 times.
Tried every fix I could find - did not help.
Every link on google with the same error message would direct me to Fortnite forum - which would not show me anything except this:
"Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page"

Completely re-installing the game probably would have helped as well, but as it's quite heavy and it would take ages to download again. So I checked each folder size in Fortnite's local directory. Whole game's weight was: 18.2GB
While folder's named "Content" size was: 17.9GB
So I deleted everything else except "Content", hoping that the corrupted file is not in there, tried to verify, deleted files got re-downloaded and lucky enough it worked. It doesn't mean - that it will work for you too, but I think its worth a try. ~300mb is way less than 18GB+. Good luck.

1. Locate your Fortnite installation directory.
(mine was: D:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite)
2. Delete "Engine" folder.
3. Enter "FortniteGame" folder.
4. Delete everything except "Content" folder.
5. Launch "Epic Games Launcher".
6. Choose Fortnite and then press small gear icon on the right of the green Launch button.
7. Select "Verify".
8. Wait for everything to complete.
9. Enjoy, kaili kūrva. :)

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