Driving Academy 2 Drive & Park Cars Test Simulator #1 - Android IOS gameplay

21 Sep 2021

Driving Academy 2 Drive & Park Cars Test Simulator #1 - Android IOS gameplay
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Download ANDROID : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.games2win.drivingacademy2&hl=en
Download IOS : https://itunes.apple.com/us/ap....p/driving-academy-2-

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Following the all times hit “Driving Academy 2019 Simulator”, we are proud to present:
Driving Academy 2: Drive&Park Cars Test Simulator

🚘 Ultimate car sim experience
🚘 Real world conditions in a city with Slopes, Drawbridges, Light rails, Frost heaves, Fog Areas, Fire lanes, Bike lanes and many more..
🚘 50 unique road signs to learn
🚘 over 70 levels to play - Academy, Extreme and Open World modes!
🚘 Free Drive to earn extra coins
🚘 3 different camera views
🚘 Realistic driving mechanics
🚘 39 different cars to drive

🔥🏎Don’t wait, unbelievable possibilities are waiting just a click away! DOWNLOAD Driving Academy 2: Drive&Park Cars Test Simulator NOW and become the #1 driver in real life!🔥🏎

Ultimate car sim experience
Learning driving and parking in real life is not an easy task. You have to face multiple obstacles and unique situations you cannot always foresee. In the best case it’s gonna cost you some money, but in the worst case it may even risk your life. NOW, what if I told you there is a way you could prepare yourself to deal with endless real-life situations, without risking anything at all??? THIS IS WHAT DRIVING ACADEMY 2 IS ALL ABOUT.

🔥🏎Prepare yourself to drive in real life conditions! No license needed and no risk taken! Download Driving Academy 2: Drive&Park Cars Test Sim NOW and start the ultimate simulator experience!🔥🏎

Real world road conditions
Life is full of unexpected conditions. In order to make our simulator SUPER realistic, in which you would get the most accurate real-life experience, we’ve integrated various surprising and challenging conditions into the game:
🚧 Slopes
🚧 Draw bridges
🚧 Light rails
🚧 Frost heaves
🚧 Fog Areas
🚧 Fire lanes
🚧 Bike lanes

Over 70 Levels!
We humans, we are goal oriented. We don’t always like just to hang around meaningless. This is why we chose to integrate exciting levels into the game, starting from novice to skilled, seasoned, proficient, advanced and expert. You’ll be assigned a mission at every level, and move on to the next one only if you’ll be good enough to achieve the goal - reaching the end and parking at the destination.

39 Different Cars
Drive the car, truck or bus of your dreams! Choose from SUVs, Sports cars, Emergency vehicles, Bus, Trucks and many more exciting vehicles!!!

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