Dread lock gameplay

02 Nov 2019

You're going to have to know what ClickDetectors are in order to play.
To reload the weapons, press "r". To heal, either find a bottle of Remedy (+15 Health) or find a MedKit (85% Health) and click them to pick them up. To reset, select the flashlight tool and press "k".
Update: I added two new guns and made it so you need to click on items to pick them up. I also fixed the glitch where picking up an item gives it to everyone in the server, so enjoy. ^_^ I have multiple versions of this game with the entire structure rebuilt so it would be better if I just continued building on to that instead of updating this place. To Come: Better gameplay, "Performance Grading" GUI, instructions GUI, Fixed Rescue, one last weapon.
Remember; This game is a Work in Progress (WIP)

Visit this place at http://www.roblox.com/Dread-Lo....ck-Horror-Adventure-

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