Don't Be Duped By Bad Science - PART 1 OF FATS

08 Feb 2021

A small number of doctors who are relatively new to the plant-based diet assert that consuming plant-fats like olive oil, nuts, and avocados won't promote heart disease. In this video, we examine some of the science they cite to back it up.

This is PART ONE in a TWO PART series. To watch PART TWO:


Olive oil study Dr. Belardo promotes:

Americans Consume 11% calories from saturated fat:

AHA and ACA both recommend consuming no more than 5 or 6% saturated fat.

Wash Post article quoting Dr. Frank Hu:

Avocado study promoted by Dr Kahn:

Soluble fiber lowers total and LDL cholesterol:

Predimed study:

JAMA article by John Ioannidis

Heart Protection Study:

Emilio Ros on PREDIMED Steering Committee:

Is Oil Healthy? by Dr. Esselstyn

Dr David Katz article on fat:

Lyon Study:

Dr Esselstyn study:

Some of Dr. Katz's financial ties:

Article in JAMA about Dr. Katz' financial ties:

Frank Hu MD has Unilever employees in his lab (from BMJ):

Dr. Ornish article on canola vs. olive oil:

Marion Nestle interview - Food Corporations can BUY Research Results

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