Can We Stop Danger Russ? | Madden NFL 20 Minnesota Vikings Franchise | Ep. 11

14 Oct 2019

The Minnesota Vikings travel to CenturyLink Field and take on Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks. Not playing well, the 4-7 Seahawks are set up nicely for an upset W over the traveling Vikings as the Vikings have been struggling somewhat on offense. Kirk Cousins hasn't thrown over 200 yards since Week 9 against the Chiefs. Without Dalvin Cook, the Vikings offense has been mediocre at best. Can the offense go toe-to-toe with Danger Russ? Or will the Vikings defense be able to stop the superstar?

You can download the draft class (based on That Franchise Guy's Draft Class) by searching GG9 as the keyword. ***PLEASE NOTE*** that not ALL prospects you submitted are in this draft class yet. I am still in the process of getting it completed. As of right now, 70 of 90 are in.

Welcome to the channel, I'm Goldglover9 (GG9 or Goldy for short) in this Vikings Franchise I will be basing all transactions as realistic as the team situation allows for. Other series specifics can be found below. I hope you enjoy this year's franchise!

Difficulty: All-Madden
Sliders: Matt10 (
Draft Class: Custom with viewer player requests
Schedule: Twice per week, 1 guaranteed upload on Sundays

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