Cam Speaks Serbian: At the movies - Episode 16

18 Jul 2021

Answer the Question: What snacks did Cam buy at the movies?
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Who is Cam?
Cam is the main character of "Cam Speaks Serbian"- An Animated Series for learning Serbian. In this animated series, Cam travels to Serbia and other places as well, and he takes viewers on the experience of a lifetime...while speaking in the Serbian language. The character is based on the host of the show "The Broadcast" hosted by "Cam The Broadcaster", who is a student of the Serbian language, and contributor to Serbian Language Podcast.

About "The Broadcast" Show:
This series is made by Serbian Language Podcast and it will help you jumpstart your Serbian language learning journey and help you learn how to learn the Serbian language. Get the best tips for learning Serbian, stay motivated, learn how to make a Serbian study plan, and get exposure to the Serbian language learning community.

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