Beyond Resolved Workshop Finals Anderson DC vs. VIP BL

21 Nov 2020

VIP BL (neg) wins on a 5-4. RFD's are included at the end of the video.

Resolved: The European Union should join the Belt and Road Initiative.

Note: Tabroom says it's Anderson CC but we have been told that it is Anderson DC but Yukiho is just not up to reediting this video so let her not. Please, she doesn't get computers. There is also a point in one of the crosses where audio cuts out for a hot second but we're going to ignore that.

This tournament was hosted by Beyond Resolved ( as part of their Free Online Workshop ( Beyond Resolved is an entirely student-run grassroots organization that aims to promote inclusivity and accessibility in the debate space, specifically Public Forum. We primarily aim to connect, empower, and fight for female presenting/identifying or nonbinary folks in a male-dominating activity.

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