Albert Einstein के दिमाग का पूरा सच. The Full Truth Of Albert Einstein Brain.

20 Oct 2020

"Albert Einstein" This Name Is Well Known For Everyone We Know Him As A Great Genius But There Are Some Facts Related To His Genius.After His Death On April 18, 1955 Pathologist Thomas Harvey Called Upon To Inspect Mr. Einstein Body But Dr.Harvey Had His Own Plan He Stole His Brain And His Eyes And Run Away From The Hospital.He Kept His Brain Under Preservation For Almost 40 Years After Getting The Permission Of Einstein' s Son He Sent Einstein Brain To Researchers Across The Planet.Doctors Have Revealed Some Facts About His Genius Which I Am Going To Tell You In This Video.

Neurogenesis And Neuroplasticity Video:-

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Corpus callosum
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Posterior Parietal Lob
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