131 Tips and Tricks for Call of Duty Mobile. English Beginner's Guide

18 May 2020

On Tuesday, Activision released Call of Duty Mobile and it is in my opinion the best first person shooter in the world of mobile gaming. It is completely free to play and has tons of options to customize your character and optimize your playstyle, but all this complexity can make it harder to get started so I am going to quickly run through 131 tips and tricks for the game.

Before I get into the different game types, I recommend going to your settings and then clicking on the sensitivity tab. As you scroll down, you will see a ton of different settings. I would not recommend touching any of these unless you are customizing them to your playstyle. Rather, I recommend choosing a sensitivity preset. If you are a Casual Gamer and don't plan to play this game for more than a couple months, I recommend choosing the low sensitivity preset. Having a lower sensitivity will immediately make you better at getting kills, but as you climb in the ranks that low sensitivity will eventually give you a disadvantage.

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