20 Feb 2021


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10 most embarrassing moments in sports

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Who doesn’t love to watch a bit of sports, be it on TV or in person, and whether you’re an avid fan
or simply watch it to pass the time. Besides the game, the players, the atmosphere there are
always gems you can find in between such as embarrassing moments. And on that note let us get
into the 10 most embarrassing moments in sports.
10) Angry mum
Perhaps one of the most embarrassing moments ever was when the mother of an MMA
fighter climbed into the Octagon after watching her son fall prey to a rear-naked choke. It was
pretty packed out inside and the sold-out crowd witnessed several great fights but the highlight of
the night, however, came in the third fight when something unprecedented occurred. The fight was
between Caleb Frasher and Joe Fisher. After the fight was over Fisher’s mother climbed the cage,
to tend to her son who went to sleep during a rear-naked choke. She scaled the entire cage which
stands nearly 9 feet from the ground and rushed over to her son. Eventually, the police had to
escort her out of the cage while the medics took care of Fisher. It was an unfamiliar scene; one not
seen too often.
9) Puke fest
Cooking up a puke storm in public is pretty embarrassing in itself, but dropping a puke bomb in the
middle of a wrestling match would probably make you want to give up the sport and go and live
under a rock. There has been no word on whether or not this wrestler has dropped out of the
business, but he'll never be able to live down the moment when an opponent farted down his
throat mid-match and caused him to throw up his entire meal onto the mat.
8) Jackpot or not
Anyone who says baseball isn’t a contact sport clearly hasn’t seen this particular video. The man
standing on the second base is Brandon Phillips, who is best known for his time as a Cincinnati
Red. Phillips is a 3-time All-Star, 4-time Gold Glove Award winner, and even bagged the Silver
Slugger Award back in 2011. The guy who is sliding headfirst into him is Jonathan Villar – a middle
infielder for the Milwaukee Brewers. Villar was actually Major League Baseball’s stolen base
leader in 2016 and appears to have gotten away with one here also – though he might still be
regretting his decision to swipe the bag. This shot will likely bring back some painful memories for
him every time he takes a stroll down memory lane.
7) Celebrating a missed shot
This particular moment will have you rolling in your chair. Sometimes when you shoot a basketball,
it just feels right. For an NBA player, feeling good about a shot almost always means it’s going in.
Unless it doesn’t. Kemba Walker of the Charlotte Hornets would give anyone a run for his money
after this particular incident. The Hornets point guard was so absolutely sure his shot was going in;
he turned away and hit 'them with the shoulders. But then the most shocking thing happened. The
shot rimmed out. Yikes. Kemba walker celebrated with a full-blown shimmy at his errant jumper.
Because this is the internet, we measure success in memes. After last night, Kemba had more
than a few memes made about him. Take a look at the original video, showing Kemba turning and
dancing after a seemingly fortuitous roll off the rim, and then check out the aftermath under it.

6) The Butt fumble

To those involved, it was just another play. But to the rest of the world, the "Butt Fumble" will live
on. It needs no description, as it is engrained within the brains of football aficionados.  On
Thanksgiving Day in 2012 on national television, the Jets were in a bad spot. After a scoreless first
quarter, the Jets had fallen behind 14-0 to their rival, the New England Patriots. Sanchez went to
hand off the ball but Hilliard wasn’t there. Whether he expected Hilliard elsewhere or was
confused, the ball never got to the fullback. Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez tried to turn a broken
play into something and wheeled to his right, where there was initially some space. He was going
to take off for a few yards, turn something from nothing. Instead he ran into the backside of Jets
guard Brandon Moore. And not just the backside but, the rear end of his offensive lineman.
Sanchez’s head slammed against Moore’s posterior.

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